Promotion of a new management team at Pharmaleads to accelerate the development of its pain relief drug candidates

  • Tanja Ouimet, Chief Operating Officer
  • Hervé Poras, Chief Scientific Officer

Paris, January 5, 2021 – Pharmaleads, a biopharmaceutical company specialized in the development of innovative pain relief products, announces the promotion of Tanja Ouimet as Chief Operating Officer and Hervé Poras as Chief Scientific Officer. They are missioned by the Board of Directors to accelerate the developments of the DENKIs® for the treatment of migraines and cancer-related pain.

“Tanja and Hervé have been at the heart of DENKI developments, and the Board of Directors unanimously agreed to entrust them with the development and market launch of our first in class drugs for the treatment of pain”, commented Thierry Bourbie, Chairman of Pharmaleads’ Board of Directors.

After a strategic repositioning of the DENKIsbased on the first in-human data compiled, I’m thrilled to be given, alongside Hervé Poras, the opportunity to lead Pharmaleads into its next stage and to bring the pain relieving benefits of our DENKIs to the many suffering patients in a rapidly-growing market with yet unanswered unmet needs”, added Tanja Ouimet, Chief Operating Officer of Pharmaleads.

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