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Pharmaleads designs and develops various families of “first in class” analgesic drugs with the aim to revolutionize the treatment of severe pain, with no side effects. The development of these compounds is the result of our world-class research in medicinal chemistry especially on the detection and inhibition of proteases involved in human physiology and pathology. Pharmaleads’ lead compound PL37 is currently in an international Phase 2a proof of concept trial in neuropathic pain of diabetic origin.

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Pharmaleads is aiming to provide suffering patients with a whole new class of safe and effective painkillers devoid of side effects. Based on years of experience in the design of highly potent and specific inhibitors of metalloproteases, Pharmaleads is developing its dual enkephalin-degrading metalloproteases, Neprilysin (NEP) and aminopeptidase N (APN), inhibitors (DENKI) as painkillers armed with a completely new mode of action to tackle severe pain.

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Pharmaleads’ small and dedicated team is working closely together for the successful fulfillment of our mission.

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