Pharmaleads designs and develops innovative, non-opiate medicines for the management of acute and chronic severe pain, a growing market with significant unmet medical needs.

Our drugs under development, Dual ENKephalinase inhibitors (DENKIs), are based on our deep knowledge and understanding of enkephalins which are a key element of the physiological pain modulation system. DENKIs work by protecting enkephalins from their degrading enzymes thereby increasing their local concentrations and, as a result, inducing a greater physiological analgesia to locally improve pain management.

Pharmaleads has 2 products in clinical development:

Our vision

Enkephalin-Powered Pain Relief

Pharmaleads’ science is based on enkephalins which are peptides secreted by the body to modulate pain. Our approach is to design and use Dual ENKephalinase Inhibitors (DENKIs) to protect and extend the life of enkephalins in the body to control pain locally.

Analgesic effects of enkephalins are well-todocumented and congenital insensitivity to pain – a condition due to high, sustained concentrations of enkephalins – has shown that these elevated concentrations of enkephalins induce total and constant analgesia which is devoid of the side effects usually observed with exogenous opiate painkillers.

Cutting-edge pain relief

Meet the team behind Pharmaleads

Pharmaleads’ dedicated team is focused on bringing DENKIs to the many suffering patients that need improved pain relief without the side effects associated with other classes of analgesics.

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