Our vision

Pharmaleads aims to provide patients suffering from severe chronic and acute pain with improved pain relief without the side effects associated with other classes of analgesics.

Based on years of experience in the design of highly potent and specific inhibitors of enkephalinases, Pharmaleads has developed a new class of analgesics called DENKIs (Dual Enkephalinases inhibitors). These small molecules are able to provide patients with local and sustainable pain relief.

Pharmaleads’ DENKIs are first-in-class drugs with a novel mechanism of action tackling pain by using entodogenous enkephalins, natural peptides that specifically bind to pain-related opioid receptors to naturally modulate pain without the side effects observed with exogenous opioid drugs that also bind to other opioids receptors, not involved in pain control, triggering multiple side effects.

Pharmaleads believes its products can change the lives of the many patients who are in need of improved treatment options for their chronic and/or acute pain, and could offer healthcare providers with an improved pain management option that helps address the opioid epidemic.

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