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Pharmaleads’ Research and Development is based on a world class medicinal chemistry and decades of fundamental research on the detection and inhibition of proteases involved in human physiology and patholgy.

This wide experience has allowed us to develop, among other molecules, the DENKIs (Dual Enkephalinase Inhibitors), our revolutionary family of painkillers.  Our research has shown the absolute necessity to inhibit both enzymes controlling enkephalin degradation, i.e. Neprilysin (NEP) and Aminopeptidase N (APN), in order to obtain a long lasting and efficient analgesic effect.  It is the unique know-how in this field that has allowed Pharmaleads to design, optimize and synthesize molecules inhibiting both enzymes with equally high affinity (nanomolar).

Results obtained with these molecules have been published by Pharmaleads in the most prestigious, peer-reviewed, international journals.

These molecules are protected by a wide, international, Intellectual property portfolio.

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