Dr. Pierre-André Wicker joins Pharmaleads’ Board of Directors

A prominent specialist in drug development, he will accompany Pharmaleads through the next clinical development stages of PL37, the Company’s first molecule aimed at treating neuropathic pain

Paris, July the 2nd 2015 – Pharmaleads, a company specialising in the discovery and early-stage development of small molecule inhibitors of metalloproteases for the treatment of severe pain, announces today that Dr. Pierre-André Wicker is joining the Company’s Board of Directors.

A cardiologist by training and a graduate of the Bordeaux Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Pierre-André Wicker has spent most of his career in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States. Having spent five years working for the Cleveland Clinical Foundation, in 1989 he joined Pfizer, where he was responsible for major drug development programs, from early-stage development to phase III, in the fields of cardiovascular pathologies and sexuality.

He was notably one of the developers of sildenafil (Viagra®), one of the world’s best-selling drugs for treating erectile dysfunction.
Since 2007, Pierre-André Wicker has been a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry. He provides biotechnology companies and laboratories with his expertise in international clinical development strategy and his knowledge of the regulatory aspects and designing of clinical trial protocols.

Thierry Bourbié, Chairman and CEO of Pharmaleads, comments: “We are delighted that Pharmaleads will be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Dr. Pierre-André Wicker, a renowned specialist in international therapeutic molecule development strategies. His advice and support will provide pivotal vision and expertise in PL 37’s next development stages, notably in the United States.”

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