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PARIS March 22nd, 2013 The french magazine « Figaro Magazine » publishes an article on Pharmaleads painkillers "Bientôt un antidouleur révolutionnaire" (Soon, a new revolution in painkillers). 

PARIS March 30th, 2012 Nature Reviews Drug Discovery published in its April 2012 issue a major article "Inhibiting the breakdown of endogenous opioids and cannabinoids to alleviate pain" by Pr Bernard P. Roques, Pr Marie-Claude Fournié-Zaluski and Michel Wurm, MD from Pharmaleads.

PARIS March 9th, 2012 The french newspaper « L'Express » publishes an article on Pharmaleads Bientôt une pilule anti-douleurs plus naturelle? (A more natural painkiller for the near future?)

PARIS March 9th, 2012 The french Newspaper « Le Monde » publishes an article on Pharmaleads Une start-up française innove avec une nouvelle classe d'antidouleurs(A French start-up innovates with a new class of pain killers)

PARIS March 9th, 2012 The french newspaper « La Croix » publishes an article on Pharmaleads Une découverte française pour lutter contre la douleur (A french discovery to fight pain)

PARIS March 8th, 2012 The French Press Agency (AFP) publishes an article on Pharmaleads Une start-up française innove avec une nouvelle classe d'anti-douleurs (A French start-up innovates with a new class of pain killers)

PARIS, March 6th, 2012 Pharmaleads’ Scientific Advisory Board meeting

Paris February 29th, 2012 The french newspaper « La Recherche » publishes an article on Pharmaleads Stimuler nos mophines internes" (Stimulate our internal morphines)

PARIS, November 25th, 2011 Pharmaleads announces the entry in Phase 2 of PL37, the lead compound of a new class of painkillers, after a successful Phase 1 including initial efficacy testing

SANTA FE, New Mexico, United States, 2nd - 7th October , 2011 Pharmaleads abstracts at the Toxins 2011 and 48th IBRCC meetings

PARIS, December 2010 « Innovation et Industrie » publishes its march issue an article "Biotech" and "big pharma" à la recherche du modèle gagant by Michel Wurm MD, Pharmaleads’Corporate Development Director.

ATLANTA, November 1st-5th, 2010 Pharmaleads to present recent data on alternative quantification methods of Botulinum toxins at the 47th Annual Interagency Botulism Research Coordinating Commitee (IBRCC) meeting

PARIS, November 17th, 2008 Pharmaleads and Debiopharm sign licence agreement

PARIS, October 1st, 2008 Pharmaleads' lead candidate for pain, PL37, enters Phase I  

VIENNA, August 31th-September 4th,2008 Pharmaleads Poster on PL37 presented at the ISMC 2008 meeting 

BAVENO, ITALY, June 12-14th,2008 Pharmaleads Poster on botulinum Toxin A exosites presented at "Toxin 2008 Meeting"

LONDON 2008 April 7-8th: Pharmaleads EzyBot presentation at "Water Contamination Emergencies" 

PARIS, January 2007 Pharmaleads on TV

PARIS, November 24th 2006  Bertrand Delanoe, the mayor of Paris inaugurated the new labs of Pharmaleads in the Paris BioPark

PARIS, August 27th 2006 Michel Wurm M.D to head Pharmaleads Development effort

PARIS, May 16th 2006  Pharmaleads joins MediTech Health Cluster 

PARIS, April 5th 2006 New Very High Fluorescence Library of Peptide Substrates for Protease HTS

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