Cocaine Dysregulates Opioid Gating of GABA Neurotransmission in the Ventral Pallidum

The ventral pallidum (VP) is a target of dense nucleus accumbens projections. Many of these projections coexpress GABA and the neuropeptide enkephalin, a ! and” opioid receptor (MOR) ligand. Of these two, the MOR in the VP is known to be involved in reward related behaviors, such as hetodonic responses to palatable food, alcohol intake, […] Read full post »

A sensitive fluorigenic substrate for selective in vitro and in vivo assay of leukotriene A4 hydrolase activity

Comparison of Fluorigenic Peptide Substrates PL50, SNAPtide, and BoTestA/E for BoNT/A Detection and Quantification: Exosite Binding Confers High-Assay Sensitivity

Detection and quantification of low todoses of botulinum toxin serotype A (BoNT/A) in medicinal preparations require precise and sensitive methods. With mounting pressure from governmental authorities to replace the mouse LD50 assay, interest in alternative methods such as the entodopeptidase assay, quantifying the toxin active moiety, is growing. Using internal collision-induced fluorescence quenching, Pharmaleads produced peptides encompassing the […] Read full post »

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